Supporting the Military

7th September

We are delighted to be returning this year to Tedworth Park in Wiltshire for the Early Early Christmas Fair in September, to support The Soldiers Charity. This incredible organisation remains at the forefront of supporting soldiers, veterans and their families, within the UK and overseas, by providing life enhancing grants to individuals and their loved...

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Defining Techniques: The Use of Chiaroscuro in Art

9th July

The word ‘chiaroscuro’ is an Italian term that directly translates into “light” (chiaro) and “dark” (scuro). It is a technique that has been used by artists dating back to early Greek and Roman art. However, Leornardo da Vinci is frequently credited with ‘bringing Chiaroscuro back’ to the forefront of painting techniques during the Italian Renaissance....

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Celebrating the Birthday of Antoni Gaudi

25th June

Today we are celebrating the birthday, life and works of Spanish designer and architect Antoni Gaudi, who was born in Catalonia on 25th of June 1852 and died on 10th of June 1926. Catalan Modernism and Gaudi’s Style After graduating in 1878, Antoni Gaudi quickly rose to fame, becoming a highly sought after architect in...

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Gender and Colour in Art History

6th June

The history of the colour blue and its association with masculinity isn’t quite as linear as you might think. Nowadays, despite the ever forward-moving progress being made, as a western society we still often align ourselves with the idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. In writing that sounds outdated, and...

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In the Countryside with Tatler

12th May

As we enjoy a summer of celebrations, we are excited to have been included in the May edition of Tatler magazine as they celebrate country life, al fresco dining and high quality gifts. Explore their latest publication to discover a selection of premium UK brands.

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British Coronations and the colour Blue

4th May

The coronation of King Charles III on 6th May is nearly upon us!  In recognition of this historic occasion, we thought we would investigate the rich history of British coronations and the significance of the colour blue. The Order of the Garter at Royal Coronations On the day of his coronation King Charles III will...

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Celebrating the Life of Yves Klein

28th April

Today we are celebrating the birthday, life and works of French artist Yves Klein, who was born on 28th of April 1928 and died on 6th of June 1962. Art as an Experience Yves Klein is known for his avant-garde attitudes towards the process of putting paint onto canvas which, in doing so, he wanted to...

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Shades of Blue in the Waddesdon Manor Collection

1st April

The collection held within the walls of Waddesdon Manor in Oxfordshire is a treasure trove of beautiful and beguiling artefacts. Commissioned by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, construction began in 1877 and was completed in 1883. Between Ferdinand, his sister Alice, their cousin Edmond and the present day Lord Rothschild, the house has continued to be...

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The World of Interiors : January 2023

17th January

Engaging with the elegance of art and colour and relishing the freedom to explore a style that enhances our own space, can form part of the many joys of creating a home, and a sanctuary.    From inky blues to bright turquoise, state-of-the-art sofas to comfy corners, we can collaborate with artists and makers, fly...

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Life Drawing, Celebrating the Human Form

30th October

  Drawing the human body from life has been a fundamental skill developed by artists throughout the centuries. To observe the human figure in this way is to reach into the body, to go beyond the skin, to the musculature, skeletal frames and layers beneath and within.  Through such an approach, drawing from the human...

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