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We love blue and the harmony and clarity that white brings to their shared palette. The Blue & White Company is inspired by the heritage of blue and white through art history to the present day.  From the earliest images made with basic pigments, to the luxurious and elegant paintings created by the Old Masters, and generations of artists and makers who have continued to work in new and vibrant combinations of blue and white.

We will share stories of artists and artistic processes in our Blue & White Journal, exploring the ways in which the deepest of violet blues to the brightest turquoise blues, and the many beautiful shades in between, have played a part in all our lives…

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A Blue & White Collection

We have carefully researched and selected a range of items for you to enjoy, created by today’s artists and designers. Several of our makers are the last in a long line of creators and use traditional equipment such as handlooms and blockprints, and studio practices like vegetable leather tanning or hand stitching, maintaining artisan skills throughout their work. Other products are created by new and emerging designers and makers, or by brands that you may already know and love.

As the Blue & White Company was born from a love of colour and making, proceeds from the sales of our products will go towards supporting new and emerging artists in their creative adventures too. We share more information about community art projects we have supported here.

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Born in Oxford, England

A company born in the city of Oxford in the British Isles, whose focus is to discover and offer beautiful items in blue and white, and to collaborate with artists and designers wherever they are based in the world. We currently liaise with makers throughout the UK and in Europe, Sweden, Nepal and the USA and we look forward to developing many more partnerships.

Each product has been selected for its uniqueness, practicality, style, or humour! We review every item individually in Oxford before it is included and will continue to carefully curate what we offer – we’ve done the research, so that you can relax…

If you would like to see the products, and feel them, we list where you can come and see us at one of our pop up shops.

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"Blue has long been associated with wisdom, trust and loyalty, beneficial to the mind and body, capable of producing a calming effect to the human metabolism."

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Why Blue?

The combination of blue and white renders something powerful, yet gentle and confident, a focus that remains at the core of our company.

Blue has long been associated with wisdom, trust and loyalty, beneficial to the mind and body, and capable of producing a calming effect.

In our collection we aim to capture these qualities and will offer gifts in a range of blues, and blue & white, in celebration and recognition of their compelling dynamic.

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The Colour Palette

The colour palette for our collection scales from Old Holland blue, Parisian blue, cerulean and cobalt blues through to the beautiful turquoise blues and blue greys.  The white palette includes traditional titanium and zinc white, along with silver, flake, sky and chalky white.

On occasion, a trim, thread, pom pom or splash of design may introduce an additional colour. In each case, those items have been included because the added colour burst has enhanced the core blue, or blue and white palette.

We have loved exploring combinations and styles and hope you enjoy the results too.

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Our Product Ranges

  • Home & Garden

    A celebration of blue and white for you to enjoy in your home and garden.

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  • Accessories

    Deep blues, turquoise and elegant ivory, find your favourite blue combinations.

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  • Travel

    For one night away or the trip of a lifetime, add a burst of blue to your travel bag.

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  • Pocket Gifts

    Our Pocket Gifts may not always fit into your pocket but they all cost less than £15.

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