Our Story

This company was born from a love of blue, and to celebrate the harmony and beauty that white brings to their shared palette.  My love of colour is closely followed by a fascination with the making process, having worked for several years conserving and restoring artefacts.  Along with other makers, I appreciate small details, textures and design whilst recognising the practical need to have beautiful items that we can easily take care of in our daily lives.

The blue spectrum is bountiful! From the deepest of violet blues to the brightest turquoise blues, and the myriad of tones in between, many shades of blue have played a part in all our lives…

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Stories in Art

The colour blue also has a long lineage in the history of art and with a background in the arts, it felt an entirely natural step to expand the colour conversation to the inspiration drawn from this heritage.  From the earliest images made with basic pigments, to the luxurious and elegant paintings created by the Old Masters, the use of blue happily continues in vibrant combinations today.

For several years, my own art research involved exploring how an observer could reach a deeper understanding, and love, of an artwork.  It’s easy to wander through gallery corridors and feel unconnected, yet the stories that lie beneath the brushstrokes and the kernel of an artistic idea can be an endless source of inspiration and wonder.  The Blue & White Journal, and reflections on Instagram, share this love of storytelling.



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Creative Collaborations

Having worked for many years with young, emerging artists, creating a company whose framework includes giving back to the arts was always the plan.   It’s been so rewarding to have now supported some local organisations from the proceeds of sales, and you can find out more here.  In the months to come, I look forward to adding more news to this side of the business…

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The Power of Blue

Blue has long been associated with wisdom, trust and loyalty, and blue & white is a much loved combination. Studies have also shown how blue can be beneficial to the mind and body, capable of producing a calming effect to the human metabolism.

Capturing these qualities, mixing in some old-time elegance with some contemporary design and sharing a love of art with stories of makers and creators are the core ingredients of this company.  As any creator – painter, singer or cook! – will know, experimentation and experience are key, and I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure in blue with you…


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    A celebration of blue and white to enjoy in your home and garden.

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    A capsule collection inspired by the artistic heritage of blue and white.

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    Gift ideas to say thank you, I'm thinking of you or wish you were here...

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