Supporting the Arts

The work of generations of artists and creators fill our museums and galleries, theatres, concert halls, and circus arenas – we all prosper from these dynamic and diverse contributions.

In every day life, there is also extensive recognition about the benefits of engaging in creative practice, whatever age we may be. Exploring artistic expression, in its many forms, can offer a unique space in which to grow and develop new skills.

With our love of the arts and creative heritage, at the Blue & White Company, we remain keen to support grassroots organisations who promote the world of creativity, by making donations from our sales.


“Art is the stored honey of the human soul”

Theodore Dreiser

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Our economy and communities are strengthened by creativity, innovation, colour and design.

Our first community donations went to the OYAP Trust, a local charity in Oxfordshire who specifically aim to inspire, motivate and award accreditation to a new generation of young artists.  Through a programme of ‘irresistible art activities’ OYAP Trust offer children and young adults the chance to discover new skills, and through a variety of opportunities encourage them to learn more about how to express themselves through creative projects.

We have made contributions towards the materials for a half term workshop in dragon puppet making, in celebration of the Chinese New Year; a Kites of Kindness project that took place on Father’s Day in June; and a workshop to make lanterns for a Christmas Parade in Bicester.   It was fabulous thrilled to support such positive events.

During the pandemic, we also joined up with several other small businesses and became a founding member of BrilliantLittleBrands, a short term venture that operated through the pandemic. Through each sale, we made donations to health and well being charities and have collectively made sizeable contributions to organisations whose services were so vital during the pandemic and who were so impacted during the lockdowns and the cancellation of their fundraising events.

As our company grows, we look forward to supporting more ventures to give back to our community.

Three cheers for creative play and artistic adventures!



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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

Pablo Picasso

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