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500 Years of Tintoretto

28th September

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Jacopo Tintoretto’s birth, an artist who is one of Venice’s most prolific painters. Save Venice has funded the restoration of many paintings by the cherished Tintoretto, who has more than seven hundred paintings all over the city. This is an American and Venetian non-profit organisation, which over the decades been...

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Dutch Still Life

2nd February

Still life has been a key genre in the canon of Western art since the Renaissance, with its ‘golden age’ flourishing in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century. In this genre, a selection of objects such as crockery, flowers, food and game are arranged most commonly on a table or platform. This style was once...

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Festive Illuminations…

28th December

Illumination and the focus on light has taken on many forms within art. Before the printing press was invented around 1450, all that existed were handwritten books and some of the most meticulous and beautiful of these were called illuminated manuscripts. The world comes from the Latin ‘illuminare’, meaning to light up and the term was...

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