Cerulean Blue and White Mini Hot Water Bottle with Vermicelli Stitching



These mini hot water bottles are designed to be cuddled and offer soothing support.

Made from soft cotton fabric, this design has been embroidered with vermicelli stitching, complete with ribbons and tactile pom poms, and offers the ideal comforter for those who need gentle muscle support, work from home or who seek a good night sleep at home or when travelling.

Perfect for all ages and to offer overnight guests or for children’s sleepovers.

Due to their size, they offer a warming capsule of heat and can therefore be more practical than larger hot water bottles, particularly for those who struggle with temperature fluctuations.

Easy to use for early morning dog walkers, as they can slip into pockets and clothing pouches to provide a gentle disguised heat!

Measuring 22cms x 16cms.

Hot water bottle included.  Sold individually.

Wash cover on a gentle cycle, no bleach and at 30 degrees.



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 cm